aligned structure. effortless movement. graceful living.

The body is a complex ecosystem; every part is related to and affected by every other part. When the body is understood and utilized in this way its natural abilities for self-regulation and self-correction are stimulated and supported.

From this perspective, I offer Integrative Embodiment, an educational and therapeutic practice for restoring the body’s natural alignment, ease of movement, sense of wholeness and full-bodied participation in all of life.


Manual Therapy

During a manual therapy session I “listen” carefully with well-trained hands to identify your body’s injuries and compensatory patterns. With gentle and precise touch I invite your body to rediscover its natural balance and ease of movement.  I give special attention to the structure-function relationships of the body. The structure of the body influences its healthy functioning and healthy functioning affects the body's structure. For these reasons I address not only the muscular-skeletal systems but the fascial, visceral, circulatory and nervous systems as well.

The focus of a manual therapy session depends on the interests and needs of my clients. Some people come to me for pain relief while others come for improved performance in daily life, the arts and athletics. I use no protocol because no two people are alike. Every body tells a different story and has its own requests. 

But most often, manual therapy is not enough. The question of how the body got into a state of imbalance is crucial for long term benefits. 

This brings us to Somatic Movement Education…


Somatic Movement Education

Together we explore the language of your body, helping you become aware of your unique patterns of movement; i.e. how your body uses the forces of gravity, levity (spring mechanisms), and momentum and is affected by inner emotional experiences. Using touch and verbal cues, I guide you toward a deepening embodiment where ease, lightness and grace prevail.

But life is stressful! How can we learn to nurture ourselves day by day?

This brings us to Qigong and Yoga….